““The practice of Kriya Yoga helps the practcioner to better understand his or her life. It is our breath which controls our life. Our mind, our intellect and ego are all controlled by breath. You will find that for all  the different moods of your mind, be it anger, frustration, sorrow happiness, desires etc your breathing changes. In order to have a balanced mind we need to learn to breathe properly. That is the first lesson in yoga. One learns that throught Kriya Yoga.”

Swami Nityananda Giri. An extract from ‘Kriya-yoga, The Science of Life-force

Kriya Yoga is an ancient technique of meditation based on prana, or vital energy, in the mind and in breathing. It has been practised in India since time immemeorial but in 1920 Paramhansa Yogananda, considered in the western world to be the father of yoga, introduced it to a wider audience.

Paramhansa Yogananda is one of the most important spiritual personalities of our time and is recognised in India as one of the great saints. His book, ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ , is one of the classics of modern spiritual literature, regularly found in the list of best sellers in it's category and one of the most influential spiritual works of the 20th century. You can read it for free here.

Kriya Yoga can be practised by anyone interested in it's benefits, regardless of age, sex or health. The practice requires no religious or philosophical beliefs. Nor do you need any accessories, equipment or external help of any kind. "With you, you have your body, mind and breath. You need nothing more for this practice. " 

Our outer life, which we project to the world around us, is a reflection of our inner world. Agressiveness and conflict lead to weakness and fear. However, there is a way of avoiding becoming tangled up in irrelevant emotional matters. There is a way to concentrate on the importante matters, the essential things in life. This is called detachment.

Detachment is the capacity to deal with the true reality, preventing our emotions from clouding our judgement wherever possible. A clear example is when a child suffers an accident or becomes seriously ill.  The emotional attachment if the child's mother will often prevent her from acting calmly. However, a professional nurse will be able to offer the child all the care he really needs as she is not emotionally attached to the final result of the situation.  She will be able to behave objectively.

Our instinct will often lead us to distrust our own judgement, creating doubt instead of faith. trust is wrongly perceived to be a loss of control, with the corresponding conflict that this creates when a decision must be made. The aim is to achieve absolute belief in oneself.  if there is no room for doubts, true freedom will occupy all the available space. 

This requires a fundamental change in our life.  We must leave behind our doubts and logic and focus on faith, trust and inconditional acceptance of reality.  According to Sri Swami Purohit “Spirituality is the mastery of living with only one option”. this means that we must do whatever is appropriate in each moment, regardless of the result. Then we must objectively accept the reality.

Trust leads to true knowledge and is the foundation of this experience. The concepts that we learn from books, the intelectual learning, are nothing more than the experiences of others, which may not be relevant to the reader. We act from the mind, without trust and continually planning for the future. But we forget to live the present.

We take our criteria from diverse sources. But they are nothing more than dismantled, undigested ideas, lacking in harmony, that lead us to so much confusion. Based on what we have learned in theory, we will only be able to respond in situations in which we already have experience. The information on how to react comes from our memory. But we are surprisingly unable to apply this information to different circumstances.

This course of Advanced Kriya Yoga  will run for 18 months, taking place one weekend each month. During the course we willlearn the three basic pillars of yoga:

  • The Science of Divine Light (The transmission of light)
  • The Science of Divine Sound (The Mantra)
  • The Science of Vital Energy (The exercises and Prana)

These three systems connect us with the central energy channel or sushumnaLight,  Sound  andVital Energy  are tools which, when practiced, become stronger and develop our five senses to the maximum level.


This course is designed for students who have already completed at least one of the previous 18 month courses (in Granada or Madrid) or who have regularly practised meditation for a minimum of five years.   .

VENUE: Hotel Abades Nevada Palace, C/de la Sultana 3, 18008 Granada

PRICE: 100€/month per person (75€/month for concessions, on presentation of the corresponding documentation)

TIMETABLE: Saturdays 10 to 14h and 17 to 20h. Sundays: 10 to 14h

Please bring comfortable clothing and a yoga mat.

COURSE STARTS: Saturday 17th September 2016


To enrol, please email us yout name and contact details and we will send you all the details and the enrollment form.

Email: info@swamipurohit.com

Telephone: +34 627957833

Contact: Kate

Swami Purohit

Swami Purohit

Swami Purohit nació en India en el año 1964. Estudió matemáticas y ciencias en la Universidad de Delhi. Entre su experiencia previa se encuentra la enseñanza, como profesor de matemáticas, y la asesoría a empresas. Durante más de 30 años se ha formado en la antigua ciencia védica y ha practicado tanto Meditación como todas las ramas del Yoga con renombrados maestros de todas las tradiciones.

Hoy vive en la ciudad de Granada y es uno de los grandes expertos en Yoga y Meditación. Considerado maestro en ambas disciplinas, enseña el conocimiento védico desde 2006 y divulga las enseñanzas orientales a lo largo de toda España, haciéndolas accesibles y practicables en la sociedad occidental.

Swami Purohit transmite sus amplios conocimientos adquiridos sobre el yoga y la meditación de una forma sencilla y orientada a cualquier persona. Dedica su vida y esfuerzo, desde hace muchos años, a compartir el poder que la práctica de estas disciplinas milenarias supone para la mejora diaria de sus alumnos. Beneficios que van más allá de la salud física con un desarrollo además mental y emocional.

“A través del yoga y la meditación nos liberamos del sufrimiento, las miserias y las ataduras, permaneciendo en un estado constante de amor, felicidad y paz, y permitiéndonos así vivir el aquí y ahora plenamente.” Swami Purohit

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