We are pleased to present a new course, Holistic Yoga. Designed and taught by Sri Swami Purohit, it begins in May 2016.  It will be held in Barcelona with a duration of 18 months and will take place one weekend each month. 

Who is Holistic Yoga aimed at? 

This course is designed for those who wish to develop their maximum potential and free themselves from all limitations and who aspire to achieve harmony between the mind, body, heart and soul.

This course is eminently practical. No previous experience is required, only a desire to learn and grow. The course is adapted to the pace of modern life and is perfectly compatible with both work and family commitments.

What benefits can one expect from this course?

The benefits are multiple in all areas. You will learn to generate and store more energy, and therefore feel more dynamic. You will also begin to understand yourself better and have greater awareness of your thoughts and emotions.  You will be able to break free from negative behaviour patterns from the past that condition us, and overcome fear and doubt. We will work on acceptance, emotional intelligence and intuition. In conclusión, you will achieve a calm, serene and clear mind, a light and flexible body, control over your emotions and a connection with your inner self.  This will fill you with joy and peace and the true freedom required to choose the life you really want to live.

What makes Holistic Yoga different?

Holistic Yoga is based on the eight pillars of Ashtanga Yoga. It works with all aspects of the human body and mind and is, therefore, a fully comprehensive course. The teachings include exercises for deep relaxation, better quality sleep, improved digestive function, the development of the nervous system and increased flexibility in the spine.

You will also begin to use  Ayurveda, which is a traditional, natural medicine used in India and which purifies the body through diet and exercise. In this way, you will be able to experiment first hand the excellent results that this practice can have on your health.

During the course, students will practice simple, yet powerful, yoga exercises, and it is this combination of simplicity and efficiency that makes this course so unique. The course also includes techniques for concentration, meditation and Pranayama (breathing), as well as different mantras to connect students with their inner self.

Holistic Yoga with Sri Swami Purohit

The key to a course of these characteristics lies within the capacity of the master to transmit energy. In this case the capacity is guaranteed, as Sri Swami Purohit is one of the few masters that is able to transmit energy to his students. Following the ancient Himalayan Yoga tradition, that he has been practising for forty years,  Sri Swami Purohit’s teachings are innovative and fresh. Each month he will guide his students as they gradually raise their levels of consciousness, energy and spiritual light.

Sri Swami Purohit’s exceptional ability to transmit energy, along with the daily practice that they will do at home, will provide the students with the skills they need to transform their lives in a positive way and experience a deep and permanent sensation of joy and inner peace. The energy transmitted by Sri Swami Purohit connects the students with their soul, or inner self, so that they may become self sufficient and achieve true freedom,  reaching a new level of awareness each month.

Sri Swami Purohit

Sri Swami Purohit, Master of Yoga and Meditation, is a Mathematics and Science graduate of the University of Delhi, and is also an expert in the various paths for reaching enlightenment. His teachings follow scientific and systematic patterns and with them, students will be able to automatically raise their level of consciousness, energy and health.

Sri Swami Purohit will help you develop all aspects of your life, comprehensively,holistically.  And in the shortest possible time.

Come and experience first hand the transforming power of Holistic Yogawith Sri Swami Purohit!

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The course will take place one weekend each month, during 18 months.

Start date: 28th – 29th May 2016

Venue: Hotel Catalonia Plaza Catalunya, Bergara 11, 08002 Barcelona

Prices: 100€/person per month. (Concessions: 75€/month)

Other discounts: We offer the option of paying for the course in 3 installments. Each six month period is paid for in advance, entitling the student to a 20% discount.  In this way, each six month period will cost 480€ instead of 600€. Please note, this payment option does not allow refunds for missed sessions. Discounts are not accumulative.

Timetable: Saturdays 10 to 14h and 17 to 20h / Sundays 10 to 14h


22nd - 23rd Octubre

26th - 27th November


28th - 29th January

11th - 12th February

25th - 26th March

22nd - 23rd April

20th - 21st May

17th - 18th June

22nd - 23rd July

(Dates from September to December 2017 to be published soon)


To book, please send us your name, email and telephone number.

Email: info@swamipurohit.com

Telephone: +34 627957833 (Monday to Friday). Contact: Kate


Swami Purohit

Swami Purohit

Swami Purohit nació en India en el año 1964. Estudió matemáticas y ciencias en la Universidad de Delhi. Entre su experiencia previa se encuentra la enseñanza, como profesor de matemáticas, y la asesoría a empresas. Durante más de 30 años se ha formado en la antigua ciencia védica y ha practicado tanto Meditación como todas las ramas del Yoga con renombrados maestros de todas las tradiciones.

Hoy vive en la ciudad de Granada y es uno de los grandes expertos en Yoga y Meditación. Considerado maestro en ambas disciplinas, enseña el conocimiento védico desde 2006 y divulga las enseñanzas orientales a lo largo de toda España, haciéndolas accesibles y practicables en la sociedad occidental.

Swami Purohit transmite sus amplios conocimientos adquiridos sobre el yoga y la meditación de una forma sencilla y orientada a cualquier persona. Dedica su vida y esfuerzo, desde hace muchos años, a compartir el poder que la práctica de estas disciplinas milenarias supone para la mejora diaria de sus alumnos. Beneficios que van más allá de la salud física con un desarrollo además mental y emocional.

“A través del yoga y la meditación nos liberamos del sufrimiento, las miserias y las ataduras, permaneciendo en un estado constante de amor, felicidad y paz, y permitiéndonos así vivir el aquí y ahora plenamente.” Swami Purohit

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