This course is designed for all those who wish to develop their maximum potential, free themselves from any limitations and who aspire to achieving total harmony between mind, body, heart and soul.

The course is emminently practical and no previous experience is required, only a desire to learn and grow.

Create positive changes in your physical, mental and emotional health in order to profundly improve your quality of life.

Holistic Yoga with Sri Swami Purohit is no ordinary yoga course. His methodology includes a mixture of teachings and physical exercises and meditation that will give you greater freedom and satisfaction in the áreas of your life which  matter most to you: physical and emotional health, personal relationships, prosperity, spiritual growth…

Most of us are only surviving in life because we have so little vital energy. This means we lose hope and enthusiasm and easily fall into negative or uninspiring behaviour patterns.

“You cannot progress in life unless you are completely devoted to your goal” Sri Swami Purohit

Devotion to your goal, whatever it may be, requires a completely focused mind and a capacity to deal with whatever challenges may arise. If your committment is 99% you will only make 10% progress. However, if your committment is 100% then you can achieve whatever you desire. On this course, Sri Swami Purohit offers you the opportunity to achieve total personal transformation in all areas, in exchange for 100% committment to the program and the practices he teaches.

The course is divided into 3 sections:

Physical development: Strength, flexibility and purity of the physical body

Meditation: A simple, but incredibly powerful technique, that allows us to disconnect our mind from all distracting thoughts, emotions and desires.

Emotional development: Connecting to our inner source of happiness that will allow us to a permanant and constant state of joy and peace, regardless of our exterior circumstances.

Energy Transmission:

Key to this training is the transmission of energy from Sri Swami Purohit to his students. Energy transmission is an ancient Himalayan Yoga technique which very few modern masters are able to carry out. It allows students to connect to their inner self and attain true freedom and self sufficiency in life. Sri Swami Purohit will transmit energy in every sesión so that the student’s levels of consciousness, energy and spiritual light may be raised gradually over the 18 month period.

96% of students surveyed confirm that Sri Swami Purohit’s courses have made a permament and positive change to their lives.



The course will be held one weekend a month, for a duration of 18 months.

Start date: 10th and 11th March 2018

Venue: Hotel Abades Nevada Palace, Calle de la Sultana 3, 18008 Granada

Prices: 100€/person per month. (Concessions: 75€/month)

Other discounts: The course can be paid in 3 advance installments, one for each 6 month period. A discount of 20% will be applied to students who choose this payment method. (Each 6 month period will therefore have a total cost of 480€ instead of 600€). Please note: This payment method does not allow refunds for any months in which the student is unable to attend the course. Discounts are not accumulative.

Course times: Saturdays 9 to 15h / Sundays 9 to 14h


To book, please email us your name, email address and contact number and we will confirm your booking as soon as possible.

Email: info@swamipurohit.com

Telephone /Whatsapp: 627957833 (Business hours Monday to Friday only). Contact: Kate


Swami Purohit

Swami Purohit

Purohit Swami was born in 1964 in India. He studied mathematics and science at Delhi University and worked first as a math teacher and later as a business consultant. He has studied the Vedic science and practiced meditation and all branches of Yoga with great teachers of all traditions for more than 30 years. Since 2006, he teaches the ancient Vedic knowledge and, today, is considered one of the greatest experts of Yoga and Meditation.

Purohit Swami lives in Granada and disseminates knowledge of the Eastern teachings throughout Spain, making them affordable and practicable to Western minds.

During these years of teaching, people feel inspired by the simple way in which Swami Purohit shows that yoga and meditation are powerful tools for improving daily life. What makes his teaching so special? The peculiarity is that the practices of yoga, meditation and mantras proposed not only help improve the physical health but also develop the mind and emotions.

"Through yoga and meditation we become free of suffering, misery and bondage , remaining in a constant state of love, happiness and peace , allowing us to live in the here and now fully".  Swami Purohit.

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