If you often feel that you are a victim of life, that every day is a struggle and that you are only just surviving, then this course is for you.   The daily practice of yoga and meditation will take you out of survival mode and give you the chance to celebrate and embrace life and everything it offers. the course will raise your energy levels, give you more mental clarity and greater strength with which to deal with life’s challenges. The exercises on the course will improve the quality of your sleep and digestive function and will lower your stress levels.

Everyone is welcome! The course is apt for all ages and fitness levels. No previous experience is necessary. The only requirement is that you come with a keen desire to change your life!

Each week you wil practice a variety of exercises:

Stretches: These warm up your body and help you to disconnect from your mind and be more receptive to the exercises.

Breathing exercises: These will fill you with energy and refresh both your body and your mind. They create a feeling of hope and possibility.

Exercises for the digestive system: Emotional imbalances can affect our digestive system. That’s why when we are upset or stressed wt badly, overeat or not eat at all. These exercises will help heal your body and improve your digestion of both food and emotional upsets.

Exercises for better quality sleep: Most of us don’t take conscious rest, instead we wait until we are exhausted and collapse, almost unconscious, into bed. That is why we still feel tired when we get up the next morning.  These exercises will help calm our nervous system and improve the quality of our sleep. As well as experiencing restful, restorative, sleep, we will improve our energy and concentration levels throughout the day and achieve more balance inn our eating habits. Restful sleep balances the chemicals in the brain therefore reducing the risk of depression. 

Relaxation: At the end of each session we will practice relaxation exercises. The aim of relaxation is to consciously disconnect from one activity and prepare, both physically and mentally, for the next. A relaxed state allows us to focus completely on the current activity. 

Medittion: The session will conclude with a meditation.

VENUE: Hotel Abades Nevada Palace, Calle de la Sultana 3, Granada

TIMETABLE: 19 to 21.30h (includes a 10 minute break)

DATES: The course will be held every other Wednesday. (See our Events Calender for details)

PRICE: 10€/person

Please bring comfortable clothing and a yoga mat or similar.


20th July / 21st September / 5th October / 19th October / 2nd November / 16th November / 30th November / 14th December

INFORMATION: For more information please contact Kate: /+34 627957833


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