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Purohit Swami was born in 1964 in India. He studied mathematics and science at Delhi University and worked first as a math teacher and later as a business consultant. He has studied the Vedic science and practiced meditation and all branches of Yoga with great teachers of all traditions for more than 30 years. Since 2006, he teaches the ancient Vedic knowledge and, today, is considered one of the greatest experts of Yoga and Meditation.

Purohit Swami lives in Granada and disseminates knowledge of the Eastern teachings throughout Spain, making them affordable and practicable to Western minds.

During these years of teaching, people feel inspired by the simple way in which Swami Purohit shows that yoga and meditation are powerful tools for improving daily life. What makes his teaching so special? The peculiarity is that the practices of yoga, meditation and mantras proposed not only help improve the physical health but also develop the mind and emotions.

"Through yoga and meditation we become free of suffering, misery and bondage , remaining in a constant state of love, happiness and peace , allowing us to live in the here and now fully".  Swami Purohit.

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  • A great desire will generate a great emotion that usually ends with great disappointment. The higher the expectation, the greater disappointment. So the mind works.Spiritual practice does not mean abandoning everything and giving up everything. It means no expectations. You can be happy with everything that life gives you and everything that it does not give you too. Accept your reality and be in peace with it.Sri Swami Purohit

    Sri Swami Purohit


  • I met Swami in 2010 through one of my daughters.Despite my age (88 years at the time) in the last two I have discovered the essentials of life with his teachings. Knowing silence, to be more on my own, have more confidence in myself, think before speaking and to have complete trust in my soul.Despite my age I have been in constant search for an answer to the meaning of life in the Catholic Church, and these answers have come to me through Swami through meditation and prayer (my rosary every day).My faith has not changed but now I know where it takes me and I further understand the whole process of my life and feel liberated.

    Abuela Epi


  • Hi all,I would say that we were very impressed with Swami Purohit Retreat in Barcelona July 23 to 27.  As a doctor, I have had a special interest in the Health and Wellness sciences for over 20 years.  In this context, I have made several visits to India with the intention of knowing the principles of Ayurvedic medicine and yoga.  I have had several initiations on the subject, but this time it was completely different.The power of Yoga Swamiji is infinitely more practical and effective than anything I've ever seen.  His method deserves a prominent place in any health program.  The idea of ​​practicing medicine without this spiritual science is like cooking without oil.For us it has been a privilege to have the opportunity to meet you Swami Purohit.  We also want to thank the organization for looking after us and the event so carefully.  We recommend this concept to everyone.  We will be back!

    Dr. Jeff Hoeyberghs


  • I'm living the greatest experience of my life: When I met this teacher, Swami Purohit's light did not dazzle me. After following the training I realized that the teacher is ike a star that if you have the chance to approach it you may experience increased intensity of the light, like feeling the presence of an immense Sun.During the Advanced Yoga Course Level I discovered the darkness of a deep chasm that is within me.  Swami Purohit instructed me and his guidance was like a rope, which lifted me and gave me tools to help me keep making my way. He gives me confidence as I negotiate the obstacles along the path that I follow. I'm living the experience of self-knowledge and spirituality, the most important in my life and I am grateful and full of admiration.

    Pedro, Córdoba


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Sri Swami Purohit practiced Nauli, considered to be the most advanced exercise for the development of the digestive system, for five years. He has completed the exercise 108 times on one single breath. The result is complete and utter harmony of the mind and the emotions which is of great significance to the practitioner.

In this video we invite you to watch the Nauli exercise as practised by Sri Swami Purohit: