The Benefits of Meditation

When we talk about meditation, we tend to think of a solitary monk sitting at the top of a mountain. This is because culturally speaking, through cinema or literature, we have formed the wrong idea about what meditation represents.  

We think that it is only practised by religious or spiritual people.  

Or we simply believe it to be a waste of time. If this is your take on it, we suggest you read on to find out about all the proven benefits that meditation offers. Reconsidering concepts and ideas is very healthy for all of us.

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Beneficios de la Meditación

Cuando hablamos de meditación, solemos pensar en un monje solitario en la cima de un monte. Esto es así porque culturalmente (a través del cine o la literatura) hemos asimilado una idea equivocada de qué representa la meditación. 

Tendemos a pensar que solo las personas religiosas o espirituales son los únicos que la practican.

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Profundizamos en el Mala y como usarlo de forma correcta

Recitar un mantra es uno de los retos más sencillos y complejos a la vez. El mala es uno de los elementos básicos del mantra y la meditación, sus orígenes se remontan a casi tres mil años de antigüedad, por lo que está muy arraigado. A simple vista puede llegar a confundirse con un collar o con una pulsera, y sin embargo es mucho más que eso, es un elemento sagrado.

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The Mala and how to use it correctly

Reciting a mantra is both one of the easiest and, at the same time, hardest things to do in Yoga. The Mala is one of the basic elements of mantra and meditation dating back almost three thousand years. At first sight it can be mistaken for a necklace or bracelet, however it is much more than that; it is a sacred item.

Like any other sacred item, we need to pay it special attention and look after it to protect it. By doing this, we will also protect ourselves. After all, a mala is a personal item.

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