Over the last seven years of your training you will have achieved the purification of your body, mind and emotions to the point of no longer being self destructive.

The next seven years of training will allow you to attain a level in which as you increase in age you also increase in strength (mental, physical and emotional). This is true agelessness and it means that your energy levels won’t drop.

You will achieve total mental clarity so that changes in your circumstances won’t affect or disturb you.

Your emotional wellbeing will  allow you to experience everlasting joy.

You will be totally committed to your duties and responsabilities but not attached to the results as you will be free from expectations, the only real freedom.


This course is comprised of four cycles of 18 months each (total: six years).  Each 18 month cycle will be divided into three, 6 month modules of physical, mental and emotional development.  Training will alternate through these modules as working on all áreas simultaneously would be too intense.

The final, 7th year of the course will be dedicated to working only on the soul.

During the entire 7 years of the training, Kriya Yoga will be the main tool that we use.

Here is an overview of the modules:


1st CYCLE: (18 months duration)

MODULE 1: Prepares the body to increase it’s capacity to generate and store more prana with the practice of higher classical yoga exercises. (6 months)

MODULE 2: Yogic transformation of the mind through continuous attention to the mantra or 3rd eye. (6 months)

MODULE 3: Emotional wellbeing through total committment without attachment. Awareness of the lower mind (fear, doubt, ego, survival, worry etc) (6 months)


2nd CYCLE: (18 months duration)

MODULE 1: Bandhas to generate and store more prana. This will give more impulse control. (Bandha – yogic lock). (6 months)

MODULE 2: Exclusive, sustained focus on the mantra or light in meditation, giving rise to a focused mind. (6 months)

MODULE 3: Control over the emotions by developing detachment and meditating at the heart centre. (6 months)


3rd CYCLE: (18 months duration)

MODULE 1: Develop breath control. Rythmic breathing opens the capacity to generate and hold more prana. We will get less tired and will always be generating more prana. (6 months)

MODULE 2: Mastery of choicelessness (ie: you accept whatever is given to you). Unconditional acceptance, contentment, not demanding. (6 months)

MODULE 3: Ability not to be affected by adverse circumstances. This is the next level of detachment. Ability to remain calm in any crisis or unexpected situations. (6 months)


4th CYCLE: (18 months duration)

MODULE 1: Personalized yoga exercises for superior physical development. (6 months)

MODULE 2: Developing a spontaneous mind. Living naturally and letting nothing perturb or worry you. Maintaining the emotions always on a level plane. (6 months)

MODULE 3: Tranquiity and equanimity. The ability to go beyond the turbulence of the mind (usually a product of conflicto between the heart and mind) and create thought free silence. (6 months)


7th YEAR:

The final year of the training is dedicated to working only on the connection with the soul.

After this training you will know how to enter the state of throught free silence at any time.

All those who complete this process will achieve mastery of concentration and will experience intuition.


You can stop attending this course at any time during the 7 years. The most important part is that you do the practice regularly, but sometimes you can find yourself with doubts, or unable to reach the next level, and for this you need the help of the Spiritual Master. He will help you and guide you on how to move forward in your development.

Why do we feel like stopping? Inner growth and development is like scaling Mount Everest, as you get higher, the experience gets more challenging and intense. Mount Everest is 8,848 metres high and the área above 8,000 metres is known as the Death Zone due to it’s difficulty. It takes great courage and endurance to complete this process.

Not everyone needs or aspires to enlightenment, but all of us wish to be self sufficientand live happy, fulfilling lives. By developing our level of concentration we will certainly achieve that and we will always have the option to continue growing further.



This course is now full and no more students can be admitted.

VENUE: Hotel Abades Nevada Palace, C/de la Sultana 3, 18008 Granada

PRICE: 110€/month per person (85€/month for concessions, on presentation of the corresponding documentation)

TIMETABLE: Saturdays 9 to 15h. Sundays: 9 to 14h

Please bring comfortable clothing and a yoga mat.

Email: info@swamipurohit.com

Telephone: +34 627957833

Contact: Kate




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