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We are pleased to welcome you to the next stage of your Holistic Yoga training.

The aim of this new course is that the students who have completed the previous modules of Holistic Yoga are able to develop their practice to a deeper level by initiating their training in Kriya Yoga.  

New students are also encouraged to join this course, which has been designed so that they can integrate with the rest of the group and be ready to also initiate the Kriya Yoga training by the end of the 18-month course period. 

As existing students will know, the last module of the current course had included the initiation into Kriya Yoga, but due to the pandemic Sri Swami Purohit decided that it was not possible to complete this module as planned. That module had been designed to be taught at live sessions, and of course, these had to be cancelled due to Covid-19.
However, this new course has been designed in such a way that students can benefit equally from either format: whether it be attending live courses or following the course online at home.  

So, what can you expect from this course?

Sri Swami Purohit belongs to the same spiritual tradition as Paramahansa Yogananda, the Giri Tradition.

In his book, Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda describes the science of Kriya Yoga: 

"The Sanskrit root of Kriya is kri, to do, to act and react; the same root is found in the word karma, the natural principle of cause and effect. Kriya Yoga is thus ‘union (yoga) with the infinite through a certain action or rite.’ A yogi who faithfully follows its technique is gradually freed from karma or the universal chain of causation.[...]

Kriya Yoga is a simple, psychophysiological method by which the human blood is decarbonized and recharged with oxygen. The atoms of this extra of this extra oxygen are transmuted into life current to rejuvenate the brain and spinal centres. By stopping the accumulation of venous blood, the yogi is able to lessen or prevent the decay of tissues; the advanced yogi transmutes his cells into pure energy.

Elijah, Jesus, Kabir and other prophets were past masters in the use of kriya or a similar technique, by which they caused their bodies to dematerialise at will.

Kriya is an ancient science. Lahiri Mahasaya received it from his guru, Babaji, who rediscovered and clarified the technique after it had been lost in the Dark Ages.

‘The Kriya Yoga which I am giving to the world through you in the nineteenth century’ Babaji told Lahiri Mahasaya, ‘is a revival of the same science which Krishna gave, millenniums ago, to Arjuna, and which was later known to Patanjali, and to Christ, St.John, St.Paul and other disciples.’"

The practice of Kriya Yoga requires a strong body, mind, and emotional capacity. Therefore, the course has been divided into 3 different modules, each with a duration of 6 months. 

The content of the training program will be as follows: 



Physical development – The science of prana.

In order to keep healthy, we should aim to always have a minimum of energy reserves. This has become particularly relevant over the last year, with health being the main focus of our attention. If we have enough resources health-wise, then we will be better equipped to deal with any unexpected situation that may arise. 

However, despite all the remedies and options that may be available to us, when it comes to health, prevention is the most effective solution of all. If you have a strong healthy body and mind, and plenty of vital energy stored in reserve, then your likelihood of becoming ill is much less, and any illness that may affect you will probably do so in a milder way.

To achieve the goal of a healthy body and mind we have designed a program that will help you cleanse your body of accumulated toxins, as well as strengthen your entire body and improve all its functions, in a complete and holistic way. 

The program will include:

Sun salutation exercise

Classical yoga poses

Breathing exercises

Exercises for the astral body

All the exercises will be adapted to the individual needs, both physical and emotional, of the participants.



Development of the mind – The science of sound: The mantra

The practice of Kriya Yoga also requires the mind to be fully developed. When we are faced with a crisis, it is easy to lose hope or patience, and feel disorientated or lacking in clarity.

By using advanced mantra, meditation and breathing techniques we can train our mental faculties, such as memory, concentration, patience, and decision making.

A healthy and flexible mind will give you the freedom to redesign your life and make the best choices in every situation, increasing your fulfilment, satisfaction, and happiness. 

In this module we will focus particularly on the mantra and the connection with the mind.  



Emotional health – The soul connection: The science of Kriya Yoga of Light

The third and final module of this course is all about happiness. Being happy requires plenty of energy in the heart centre (your emotional centre) and the first step towards achieving this is emotional health. If you are still dealing with past hurts and disappointments these will keep you anchored in the past. If you want to move forward in life, you will need to address any unresolved issues from the past and allow yourself to heal. 

The heart tends to act like a shock absorber, taking on all the hurt and pain we may experience and, hopefully, allowing us to bounce back and keep going in life, free of any baggage or limitations. If we don’t have enough energy in the heart centre then our mind can feel confused and lacking in direction. We are often unaware of what is happening, as the sadness, tiredness or hopelessness that envelops us is all we can feel and making any kind of progress may seem an impossible task.

Emotional strength comes from the healing process; by increasing your emotional energy, or prana, you exponentially expand your emotional capacity. Eventually, you will reach a point in which you realise that your happiness does not depend on your circumstances, but on yourself and the energy within you. This is a lightbulb moment, as you will come to fully understand that happiness is a choice.

In this module we will focus on developing the connection with the soul.


Sri Swami Purohit’s unique methodology

What makes Sri Swami Purohit’s courses so unique?   

Sri Swami Purohit is one of the few spiritual masters in the western world capable of transmitting spiritual energy to course participants. 

In order for true development to take place, first the soul, or inner self, must be awakened. 

The soul heals the mind, the body and the heart and creates a profound harmony within you and with everything around you. Everything you need is within you: peace, love, wisdom, joy; you just need that connection to be awakened. This is the most important role of the spiritual master and each energy transmission allows us to experience a higher level of consciousness. Over time, and with practice, this enhanced consciousness can become your natural state, giving you the gift of constant peace, joy and fulfilment.



This course is not designed to teach you difficult yoga poses or complicated theories. It is a training program to help you develop your own physical and emotional abilities and grow as a person in all areas of life. 

The aim is that you should enjoy a great and fulfilling life with no limitations. This can be achieved with Sri Swami Purohit’s simple, yet hugely effective, techniques and practices. 

Anyone can take part in this training program. There are no limitations due to age or physical fitness. All you need is an open mind and the desire to grow and develop as a person. 

Participants are welcome to take part in person or online. However, we do recommend that you be constant and follow the course each month if you wish to reap the benefits mentioned above. Where possible, we encourage online students to attend a live session at least once in each module. 

Whichever format you choose, in person or online, this training will require effort and commitment on your part. However, if you complete each edition of the course, and are constant and committed in your practice every day, we guarantee that you will achieve the desired results.  



The live course will take place one weekend each month, in Granada, Spain, and all those wishing to attend the live events are welcome. (Prior booking is required.)

The course will be filmed and then published online a few days later, in a pre-recorded format. In this way, students who are unable to come to the live events can experience the full value of the course from the comfort of their own homes. Once purchased, each online course can be watched as many times as you wish. 


The first live course will take place on June 19th and 20th. The online version will be published on June 25th. 

Each weekend will include 9 hours of training with Sri Swami Purohit, as per the following timetable:

Saturdays 9am to 3pm

Sundays 9 am to 2pm

There will be a mid-morning coffee break each day. 

The online course will contain the entire weekend's training in video format, divided into several videos for both the Saturday and Sunday content. We recommend that online students watch the videos in order.

The online course also includes a downloadable PDF file detailing the daily practice to be done at home by all students. The content of this practice will be explained by Sri Swami Purohit during the course. 

Once you enrol, you will receive regular emails informing you of course dates, venues and other relevant course information.


Live course: 110€/person per month. (Concessions: 85€/person per month)

Online course: 80€/person per month

Courses are paid for monthly, and there is no requirement to commit to the entire 18 month program in advance. 

We do offer a discount for advance payment of each module (see Early bird discount below) but this is entirely optional.  

Early bird discount:

Students of the live courses who wish to pay for the first 6 month module in advance, will be entitled to a 20% discount. Payment for the module will be 530€/person, when paid before June 15th.

Please note: When paying for the module in advance, refunds cannot be given if a student is then unable to attend a session. Discounts are not cumulative. 


Enrol now!

To book your place on this course, simply email us at:, stating your name and your preferred course format: online or face to face.

You will then receive confirmation of your enrolment and all the relevant information.

Please note that although you opt for the online format, you are still welcome to attend live events and can request to book at any time. 

Thank you!


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