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Swami Purohit is one of India’s great spiritual masters, an expert in Yoga and Meditation. His work is that of connecting people to their souls, or inner selves, so that they may develop their bodies, minds and emotions, allowing them to participate fully in life without suffering. His courses teach Yoga, Mantras and Meditation for living in the here and now.

His teachings are based on simple, but very effective, Yoga and Meditation practices that will improve your quality of life, permanently and in all areas, and which will help you to achieve self realisation.

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Swami ji namaste, yoga Pranam Atman karti huHearts are where Swamiji is,This Soul bows down at his feetWhen the fish is water, liveWhen the bird is Heaven, Earth flies without touchingWhen the flower is the sun's rays, open and shares its fragranceWhen the land is fertile seed, the tree grows to the skyWhen the heart is the Beauty, Love expands on all beingsWhen you are the moon and the sun, time and space disappear leaving only the LightThank you Swamiji, for opening the doorDhanyabad Swamiji, aapne Bhagvaan is milneka drvaajaa kholaWith love,more of Souls

Tara Barcelona

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03 February, 2017

According to Ayurveda, the traditional system of healthcare in India, the five main elements present in all things, are: air, fire, water, earth and space. Different combinations of these elements give rise to the three biological forces, or principles, known as ‘doshas’.

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12 January, 2017

The power of the mantra for greater material success. By Sri Swami Purohit

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Daily Yoga Exercises for Super Health

03 October, 2016

A series of basic, daily yoga exercises.

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